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Walsh News May 2013

by on May.20, 2013, under Newsletters, Prayer & Praise

Walsh Family News & Prayer – May 2013

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Thirty Semesters later and still not graduated – The slow graduation route

Another Bible school semester has drawn to close and the 16 students have all headed of to the next thing , some to return next semester, some to go onto the next thing to which the Lord has called them.

At this semesters Graduation, to our surprise, Gwyn were presented with a certificate of completion, having completed some 30 semesters of Bible school , in Austria , Hungary and now here at CCBI IN New Zealand and we still haven’t graduated. It really has been a testimony to God’s Grace and goodness over the last 15 or so years, for which we are deeply thankful and for the manner in which many of you have stood with us over these years. When we started in Austria, we were 35 years old, with to children under the age of 4 , the student we 18 or 19 years old. Now we are over 50 years old, Jordy is in his second year at Auckland University studying biomedical sciences, Becky is in her second to last year of High school with a desire to head to university in Wellington… And the students are still the same age! Please thank the Lord with us for His tremendous faithfulness.

Jordy & Bex

This has been a great semester from a ministry point of view, 16 students serving weekly in three different Churches, Outreach ministry trips to serve alongside CC Perth Australia, CC Nelson, CC Whangarei and Shoreline Tauranga in New Zealand. We had had the privilege of seeing souls come to Christ, the body encouraged and blessed. The Thursday night Koinonea service we have started here on Campus has been a great blessing seeing over 40 people attending on a weekly basis some from the Lakes ranch staff and some from the local area. We studied verse by verse through the book of Colossians and it has been a great time and a great encouragement for taking the step of faith.

This has been a very challenging semester personally, many of you will know that i hurt my back in January, resulting in three damaged disc in my lower back. The results have been an inability to sit or travel for longer than 20 minutes, not being able to sleep more than a few hours a night without getting up an walking about for a few hours to ease the pain. After nearly 5 months, the situation is still the same so on Thursday 23rd May, I head for back surgery to remove the offending disc. I would really appreciate your prayers, for complete healing and recovery.

worship 2013

It has been an interesting season of learning and frustration, I have been personally blessed by the great team we have here at CCBI and those that have really helped out in times where I have simply not been able to do very much. It has been great to see the ministry here grow an not really around me. Next semester we have expanded out accommodation availability and we will be able to take more students as we have already accepted over 21 students for the upcoming semester and we are still three months out from the commencement of the next semester, which starts at the end of August 2013. So please pray that the Lord would bring those HE wishes and there would be the enough space for them all .

The key prayer requests are for :

  • Mark’s upcoming back surgery on 23rd May , for complete Healing restoration and recovery.
  • For rest and refreshment in the semester break for all the family and the CCBI Staff.
  • For the preparation for the upcoming semester and classes, I will be teaching Theology and Hebrews , Gwyn will be teaching a ladies study through the book of James.
  • For additional accommodation and provision to meet the student needs so that we don’t have to turn any students away.
  • For additional interns as the student body is growing.
  • For wisdom, vision and courage, as we lead the work here at CCBI.
  • For Jordy and Becki as they continue with their education and for God’s on going financial provision for these needs.

Once again though this is a brief update, we hope you are encouraged and will continue to stand with us in prayer for the work here which is growing, our heart is thst it might bring much pleasure and Glory to our Lord.

Thanks Mark & Gwyn, Jordy and Rebekah

sometimes it just gets too much

sometimes it just gets too much

You have to love New Zealand

You have to love New Zealand

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News, Praise & Prayer July 2010

by on Jul.14, 2010, under Newsletters, Prayer & Praise

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News, Praise & Prayer July 2010


Well it is just over one month until The first semester of CCBI starts, we have at this stage filled 15 of our 20 bed spaces and hope the rest will fill up too.

As fantastic as it is, the cold hard reality of everything that has to be done is really setting in, there is an overwhelming amount to do and that is before you actual start thinking about preparation for teaching.

In the midst of this fantastic chaos, My heart has been exercised over something significant , a significant realisation, often in ministry we talk about servant hood, sometimes glibly, but the realisation that has struck my heart is this, you cant separate servant hood from sacrifice.

Let me explain, after a while, you try to be servant without it requiring sacrifice on your part, the giving of yourself, the denying of self. Though we try and justify or manipulate circumstances at the end of the day servant hood requires that we sacrifice in the giving of our selves and in the denying of self, though never easy or acceptable to our flesh, this is the way of the Master Mark 10:45


  • We have been offered a van for CCBI – so it looks like the Lord has provided for one of our most significant needs!
  • Jake & Tecla have been granted their religious workers visas and will be arriving here in few days.
  • One year after arriving we are still here – praise God for his faithfulness.
  • For Jordan and Becki as they again serve at kids evangelical camp here at the ranch


  • Preparations for the arrival of Jake & Tecla – for their transition into ministry here in New Zealand
  • Josh has submitted his visa application, please pray that the Lord would open the door for him to come and serve with us for the next year. Whitney is completing here medical paper work and will be submitting her visa application soon
  • For strength as there is so much to do before the semester starts
  • For the students as they prepare to come , that their journey here would be smooth and there would be no issue with Immigration.
  • For the semester that it would be exactly what the Lord wants it to be and would bring Glory to His name.
  • There remain significant financial needs both for the ministry and for us as a family. Please pray for the Lord provision in His way and His time, constantly fighting with finances is a reality but so often it really weighs upon our hearts. At the end of the day it is hard to do ministry without resources.
  • For the practicalities here at Lakes ranch as the ranch steps with us in this venture of faith , that the Lord would bless them for their faithfulness.
  • For spiritual protection, the enemy resists at every stage but he is a defeated foe , Praise God!
  • We have recently begun to talk to NZ Immigration about recognising CCBI , please pray that we be granted favour with the NZ government and that we would be connected with the right people in the government, in order to facilitate this recognition.
  • We are making plans for a Calvary Chapel National Womens Conference, please pray for this as we begin to plan and seek the Lord for what shape this should have.
  • For Harvest with Greg Laurie in Auckland in August 13th – 14th

Probably in the last month I have cherished the gift of prayer more than at any other time in my life as believer, truly we have seen the Lord’s hand as we have asked and so we are so grateful that you are willing to ask with us that He might glorify Himself in this region and in this work.

In Him
Mark, Gwyn, Jordan & Rebekah

Becki ( now with an I) wants a puppy !

Becki ( now with an I) wants a puppy !

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Prayer & Praise December 2009 & January 2010

by on Jan.27, 2010, under Prayer & Praise

Hi everyone.
Here are some points for praise and prayer relating to the ministry here and to our own family.



  • For Jordan and Becky as they start in year 12 and years 9 here at Rotorua Lakes High School, that they may settle in and blossom in yet another transition, especially for Jordan as he enters the New Zealand school system for the first time, something he is looking forward to with great excitement and anticipation.
  • For the Lord to continue to ground us here in New Zealand as we look forward into the new year to what He may have for us
  • A friend Kelsey will be joining us here for 6 weeks, please pray that she would be blessed and encouraged by her time here in New Zealand.
  • For health and safety – and no more field trips to the ER


  • For Gwyn’s successful surgery
  • For the continuing healing of Becky’s arm and Mark’s wrist
  • For God continuing provision for us here in New Zealand
  • For the blessing of serving here at CC Rotorua and in worship and with ladies studies at CC Hamilton.
  • For Jordan’s and Becky’s place at Rotorua Lakes High school



  • In light of the postponing of the inaugural semester of CCBI until September, please pray for God’s wisdom, that He might unfold the work here in New Zealand as He chooses in His time.
  • Please pray for encouragement, there is obviously a degree of disappointment and discouragement in having to postpone the opening semester. 1 cor 15:58
  • As we take the next 9 months to prepare the foundation and establish the school, I will need to travel more both within New Zealand and outside New Zealand, Please pray for Gods wisdom in this season and His financial provision to meet the additional expenses of travelling.
  • For Jake and Tecla as they prepare to submit their paperwork for a visa to serve here with the school.
  • That the Lord would bring students from within New Zealand and from wherever He chooses. There is great deal of interest here, but many are reticent to commit to coming to a new school.
  • For wisdom in direction, as we consider developing a distance learning option for those in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.
  • Pray for continuing development of the leadership studies here in CC Rotorua.
  • Pray for the worship team at CC Hamilton and CC Rotorua that we are working with, that we may be able to encourage and equip them to serve the Lord and the body in a way that pleases the Lord.
  • There are numerous opportunities presenting themselves to teach throughout New Zealand, Please pray for wisdom to know how to use my time in the best way for the Kingdom.
  • As we continue to look into facilitating the distribution of Christian books and materials here in New Zealand, please pray for wisdom to know how to proceed.


  • The salvation of 13 kids who gave their hearts to the Lord at the most recent kids camp here at Lakes Ranch. Becky and Jordan were able to serve at the camp and were blessed by the time of ministry. Please pray for the establishing of these young lives in Christ.
  • For God’s guidance and provsion in relation to CCBI, we have recently been given computers and numerous resources to help establish the school.
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September OK !!! October Praise and Prayer Requests

by on Oct.07, 2009, under Prayer & Praise

Hi Everyone,

Once again we covet your prayers and praise The Lord for your faithfulness in standing with us in this venture of faith.


  • For a more permanent place to settle, we are renting small apartment on Lakes Ranch here in Rotorua.
  • For God’s continuing provision in meeting our daily needs.
  • For completion of the Bible Institute web site, we are now ready to receive students !
  • For my mums health , recent treatment has really relieved some of the pain from her arthritis.
  • For Becky completing her first term at Mokoia Intermediate and the way in which the Lord has aided her transition.
  • For the ministry opportunities we have been presented with here at the Ranch, I had opportunity to share a study with the leaders for the youth camp here at the Ranch.
  • For Jordan and Becky, as they serve as youth leaders for an evangelistic kids camp here at Lakes ranch



  • For Becky’s return to school for her last term at Mokoia , before her transition to High School at Lakes High and that we would make wise decisions in this regard.
  • For Jordan, in his schooling and future career decisions, for deep and special friendships to form.
  • For Gwyn, there are some medical tests and procedures that she needs to undergo, for peace and comfort.
  • For Mark, not to be distracted from the work of the ministry, for peace and great faith and annointing.
  • Finances are difficult for us and a concern, please pray for Lord’s continuing provision and our contentment with where we are at financially.


  • That the Lord would draw students and send who He wishes to study at CCBI. Especially students from New Zealand and the Pacifc Rim region.
  • For Jake, Tecla and Mel as they seek the Lord’s will and provision as they look to come and serve with us for the start of the February semester.
  • For Mark as he teaches at the New Zealand Pastors conference in October and that nationally the Calvary Chapels would be excited about the college.
  • For the trip to Wellington in which Mark will share at several locations concerning CCBI and that the Lord would spread and cast the vision for the Bible school.
  • For protection over us and the ministry here in New Zealand.
  • For the plans for accomodation for CCBI to come to fruition.
  • For the replacement of the items stolen during the church break in.
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July Prayer & Praise “The Prize is the Hearts of Men”

by on Jul.08, 2009, under Prayer & Praise


We arrived safely and are finally no longer living out of suitcases, we had blessed time in England and in the US.

We have managed to get a car and are mobile, which is great.

The Lord has provided a place at a small intermediate school for Becky to attend, which great .

We have been very warmly welcome by the church body here and been blessed in so many ways.

The Lord is beginning to put together a team to serve in the school

Prayer Requests

Becky as she goes to school here for the first time on the 20th July at Mokoia intermediate.

Registering Jordan for homeschooling.

As the ranch has no said no to the Bible school being on site, we need God’s place for the school , so please ask that the Lord would show us.

Financial provision for the school as we move toward its opening in February 2010.

Workers and co labourers for the ministry here in New Zealand and for the school.

Our shipping container would arrive safely in the next month without any hitches and additional customs charges.

The provision of more permanent place to live, that we might have some where to put the stuff when it all arrives!

Our personal financial needs, as we look for a place to live and set up home here in New Zealand. (Practically, we need to raise about an additional 1000 Usd per month)

We appreciate , desire and covet your prayers, thanks for co labouring guys

M & G

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Prayer & Praise for June – Last in the Northern Hemi!!

by on Jun.11, 2009, under Newsletters, Prayer & Praise

As it is a matter of just a few days until we start the final journey down to New Zealand , we would truly covet your prayers.

Here are a few Prayer requests and Praise points:


Please pray for:

– A good transition as we leave everyone here and arrive in New Zealand.

– The mums who we leave behind , comfort for them as we leave to serve the Lord in NZ.

– That we would quickly settle on arrival.

– Practical things: we need to find a car, wisdom , provision and the right vehicle for ministry.

– The travelling, we have lots of luggage and please pray it gets there and there are no airport issues.

– Practical financial provision, there are quite significant needs financially concerned with the move and setting up the ministry in New Zealand. That the Lord would provide for our outstanding and future needs.

– For good strong friendships as we move to a new place.

– For a place to live after the first couple of months or so.

– That the next week in California would be refreshing and encouraging to the spirit.

– For our Hungarian Family who we miss dearly and the foundations conference starting June 22nd, big prayers please !!!


– We have had opportunity to see and say goodbye to so many people, though unfortunately not everyone.

– The provision of a car to use whilst we have been here , without which we would have been in great difficulty.

– A great time with our mums and close family

– That we were able ship all our stuff, it left today and hopefully we will see it again !

– That we had a place to store all our stuff prior to its shipping.

– The Lords provision for us whilst we have been here in England.

– The opportunity to minister at and be sent out once more, by our home church.

– Literally for everything and everyone, so many people have cared for us and helped us in so many ways.

Thanks M & G

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Praise and Prayer Requests May 2009

by on May.11, 2009, under Prayer & Praise


  • Finishing well in our last semester
  • For getting close to the end of packing up our house.
  • A great send off from all the people we love here inVajta
  • For all the help we have received in so many ways


  • That all the boxes would fit in the van for transport back to England.
  • Our last graduation here at CCBCE in Vajta.
  • Continued financial provision for the costs of the move.
  • For our families as they see us move to New Zealand,
    that they would be comforted.
  • For the time in England as we arrange shipping to New Zealand & say Goodbye
  • For our transition into the ministry in New Zealand & all the practicalities we will have to sort out upon arrival .
  • God to bring Ikea to New Zealand !!!! – smile
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Prayer & Praise Requests – March 2009

by on Mar.02, 2009, under Prayer & Praise

These are our current Prayer & Praise requests:

Spiritual refreshment – we are getting tired emotionally and physically , so much to do , in three parts of the world , Hungary , UK and New Zealand God’s refreshment and perseverance for the task ahead – Psalm 42

Real practical issues – We need to sell our car here in Hungary
Arrange flights back to the UK
Ship all our stuff to New Zealand
Financial provision for all aspects of the move
This is a huge financial commitment and getting quite scary
Praise God for providing for our flight from the UK to NZ

Transition here in Vajta, Hungary
Provision of the right people in the right roles
Saying many goodbyes

A permanent place to live in New Zealand
Praise God we have been provided with temporary accommodation upon arrival

A place in which to start Calvary Chapel Bible Institute of New Zealand (CCBINZ) in February 2010
Practical preparations for the school
A team of people to serve and minister in the school
Real wisdom as we start to put in place the necessary administrative structures
Financial provision for the start up costs of CCBINZ

For friends and relatives in the UK who we will leave in June 2009
Especially our mums, as they get older and we get further away, may the God of all comfort, comfort them and us too!!!

Thanks for all the love care and prayers

M & G

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