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Walsh News Feb 2018

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Walsh News February 2018

Dear All 

Sorry it has been so long since we posted an updated, we wanted to take  just a few minutes to update you with news and prayers

Family News

Becky came home in September last year and had been adjusting to life back in New Zealand, she has recently made the decision to move to Tauranga, the fastest growing area in New Zealand to help with the children’s ministry in a church we help plant some  6  years ago , Shoreline church. This a big step finding her own place and job all to be able to serve in the church. We would appreciate your prayer for this and all the practical things that go with a move of this magnitude. Please pray for her health and refreshment.


Jordan is faithfully serving here as part of the CCBI missionary staff, he is teaching in the bible school and running the kitchen along with Tecla, they do a great job. Last semester Jordy taught John’s Gospel as well as teaching some of the Koinonia Thursday  night sessions in the life of David, you can listen to his koinonia teaching through the CCBI app. He is doing well but facing the unique challenge  of raising support as a young man who grew up on the mission field, he doesn’t really have his own home church so to speak. Please pray for provision and especially for anointing as Jordan will be teaching our Evangelism & Discipleship class this semester.

Gwyn and I, for us, this is our 20th year on the foreign mission field and that is so hard to grasp & wrap your head around. It seems forever since we arrived at Schloss Heroldeck in 1998 but at the same time it seems to be only a moment. We have never taken sabbatical or break during that time, but we both feel a need to step back a little this semester and seek the Lord for the future. We are entering the last third of our lives and its time to work out “what to do”  and “how to do” this last third of our lives. Hopefully, the Lord has more for us, we would like that very much.

Ministry News

A new semester for CCBI begins in just over a weeks time, with  student body arriving February 10th, as Gwyn and I are talking a step back this semester Pastor Jake Wilmoth will be directing CCBI during this time and we are looking forward to doing a little less and being a little more available to the student body. I will be teaching the Pastoral Epistles and Inductive bible study. Gwyn will continue to lead the women’s ministry here at CCBI, the ladies class this semester, studying women of the bible.

Gwyn will be travelling back to the UK June / July to see family and I will be hoping to join her in England before travelling to the Scandinavian Conference in July to minister to the saints in Scandinavia at their National conference at the end of  July.

We will be taking at team to the Refresh Australia conference in April, Jordan will lead the CCBI team, who will be taking care of the children ministry for the conference.


Slovenia 2017

Prayer & Praise

Please pray for:

Becky as she moves to Tauranga, provision of  job and housing and a smooth transition.

Jordan as he minster in CCBI and lead the kitchen team, the preparations for the Sydney  Refresh Australia, conference and financial provision as he serves a as missionary.

Gwyn and I as we seek the Lord for what is next for us and provision for visiting the UK and teaching at the Scandinavian conference.

CCBI as Pastor Jake as he leads the team for this semester, students to arrive safely and the Word to minster deeply in to all our lives.

Above all please pray with us and thank the Lord for his faithfulness. to provide and care for us over the last 2o years as we  have served Him around the globe & for all you faithfulness in standing with us for which we are ever grateful.

M & G

  Salzburg 1998

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Walsh Family News & Update February 2017

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Walsh Family News February  2017

CCBI Logo_ver2_Rev

A great deal has happened since we last wrote and please forgive us for not writing regularly in this season. It has been a difficult and trying season though, ultimately a good one.

They say that one of the most stressful things you can do is to move house, we got to move house with very little notice just about 10 days before Christmas and then move the ministry as well. It has taken it’s toll but we are glad for the Lord’s goodness mercy  and your faithfulness to pray.

We have now moved into  the River Lodge,  a facility  new to us which now houses the whole CCBI Student body of 30. It is a great facility and great team and staff who serve there.

Everyone is slowly adjusting to all the changes and challenges that happen with  being in a new location. It is a blessing. You can check out what the new campus looks like via either the CCBI App or web page.

The River Lodge.

The River Lodge.

The Mighty Waikato River

The Mighty Waikato River

Outreaches to Melbourne & Sydney, Australia  & Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch & Waimate, New Zealand will be our focus in March 3rd – 12th as the whole school and staff goes on a 10 day outreach.


I will be at the Speakers week at CCBCE , Vajta in March and sharing from the Sermon on the mount along with Pastor Andy Deane and Pastor Phil Metzger.

March 27th – April 1st will be speakers week for CCBI here at The River Lodge , we will be joined by Pastor Tom Dickersen, Pastor Luis Solis & Pastor Brian Hughes and other guest Pastors. This will be a special time of pouring into just the student body, we felt that it was important this semester to not put on our usual national conference and just poor into the  student  body, so please pray with us to test end.


Check out the details in the CCBI app &  on the CCBI Webpage and even listen to Thursday night Koinonia message, as this semester we will be looking and learning lessons from the life of David, in the book of 1 Samuel.


Becki, recently completed her 40 day outreach in the middle east and she is now back in Hungary for her last semester of her missions training programme.

She was recently able to meet up with Gwyn at the ladies conference in the Uk and spend a few days in the Lake District. Yo can check out details of her journey though her blog, step by step

Jordan is now serving full time with CCBI , co-running the kitchen and co teaching Romans and even  as we speak he is leading a student trip across the Tongariro Alpine crossing,  a 20 km walk across New Zealand’s famous “Mount Doom” and the Tongariro volcanic plateau.

Mount Doom & The Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Mount Doom & The Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Gwyn has just returned from 6 weeks in the UK, with her mum, during this time she had the opportunity to see Becky for a few days and also get time with her mum and my mum who also lives in the same area.


I have tried to make some adjustments in my schedule after traveling extensively in 2016, recently resigning my position as an elder at Shoreline church in order to be able to focus on the ministry here at CCBI.

Please pray for wisdom as I seek to make adjustments in order to pour into the student body here at CCBI.

I will be travelling to Melbourne with Gwyn  as part of our outreach team, later in March I will be teaching a a series of studies  on “The Sermon on the Mount” in Hungary for the CCBCE speakers week.

Then in July,  Gwyn & I will be ministering with special friends at the Calvary Chapel Scandinavian conference in Sweden.


The Helsinki Cathedral

The Helsinki Cathedral

Please pray for


Adjustments that are required  with  the move into the new facility, for River lodge and for the students and staff of CCBI.

March 3th – 12th  – Outreaches to Sydney (AUS) , Melbourne (AUS), Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch & Waimate, New Zealand.

March 27th – April 1st – Speakers week for the student body, please pray that the Lord would move mightily amongst all of us and touch the student body in particular.

Dawn & Andrew Mcbride , renewal of their visa to continue her with us on staff at CCBI.


Becky wisdom and provision as she follows the Lord in the next steps of her calling after Hungary.

Financial  provision for Jordy as a missionary here serving on staff. CCBI is his  home church as he has grown up in this ministry over the last 20 years, so it is an interesting situation now seeking to be supported and sent out.  Please pray that the Lord would provide for him.

For continued health and strength as Gwyn & I lead the ministry here.

Anointing and  wisdom as I share at several conferences this year, sharing for speakers week in Hungary in March  and at the Scandinavian conference in  July.

We do value your prayers and thank you for standing with us.

M & G

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Walsh News – Prayer & Praise – April 2016

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CCBI Logo_ver2_Rev



Walsh News Prayer & Praise April 2016

I guess our lives are often characterised by great highs and great lows, moments of great joy and those of deep sadness, being moved by compassion and care. There have been so many moments summed up by these words over the last few months.

The joy of having the kids back  at home, the joys of seeing their heart to serve God, the joy of a new semester with 31 Student here at CCBI, yet with this there has been the desperation and destruction  of seeing Cyclone Winston and Tatiana, hit the island of Fiji and in particular Moturiki Island a few miles off the eastern coast of Vita Levu, the main Island of Fiji.

So here are some of those moments:

Becky is heading to Hungary !!!!


Here in Becky’s own words, her heart to follow the Lord:

“For many of you reading this you will be imagining and little feisty red headed toddler which may make it hard to comprehend. I have had the privilege of growing up surrounded by people from all over the world and from such diverse cultures and backgrounds. But now I’m all grown up and I’m taking the next step in my life. Having grown up involved in ministry I have grown to love it more and more. When I made the decision in my life to follow Jesus with my all my heart and to put my life in His hands, He returned that decision with a passion and a love for the people of this world. We as followers of Christ are called to be a light to the world, to love others and to make disciples by sharing His gospel to His people. For every person that has made the decision to follow Christ this mission appears different, for some it means working a 9 to 5 job being a beacon of hope in that workplace, for others it means moving to a remote village in Africa and sharing the gospel to people who have never heard it and all things in between; all missions are equally important, but unique to the person that carries them out. As many of you know following Christ’s plan often means we only see two feet in front of us and therefore I don’t know what the future holds. But having realised this passion and love for people in addition to my adventurous personality and unique upbringing I have come to make another important decision. This decision is that I want to use my passions and love to reach people in far corners of the earth by being a missionary. The definition of a missionary is, a person sent on a religious mission to a foreign country. This definition is true, but I want to be more than that; I want share the love and forgiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ to the lost people of this world. I want to reflect Jesus in my daily life and devote my time and energy into a work of ministry wherever He may call me. The next step in this incredible life that I have chosen is to be apart of the School of Missions at Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe. Before starting the School of Missions I will be helping out with “A Vision for Life” over the summer as a counsellor . I am so excited about this opportunity and this next stage. I would appreciate your prayers as I leave my home and family and step out in faith to the next thing. Please pray that the Lord will provide financially for all that He has for me and that I would be walking in His will. I would love to continue keeping anyone who is interested updated about this next stage and how the Lord is working through all that He has for me in Hungary.”

Jordy, On The Edge then CCBI ….

Jake & Jordy working out how to get across the flood waters in Nadi, Fiji

Jake & Jordy working out how to get across the flood waters in Nadi, Fiji

Jordy recently joined myself and Pastor Jake Wilmoth of CCBI in a trip to Moturiki Island, Fiji and it was so good to see his heart for the Lord and Ministry, he will be in the USA serving as a leader for the “On the Edge” program at Murrietta in the summer and then will join us on staff for the the September December Semester 2016 here at CCBI, as a missionary trusting God to meet his needs. Jordy is still looking at training as a Doctor in Australia, but sense a real call to youth ministry is resonating strongly in his heart. Please pray that God will guide both Jordy and Becky as they step out in faith, seeking the Lord and looking to Him to guide and provide.

Then there is CCBI ….

This has been a brilliant semester with 31 students an interns, may of whom will graduate this semester, we have just completed outreach trips , to Christchurch NZ, Perth in Western Australia,  Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. On Friday we send another team out to Sydney Australia to serve at  youth camp along side CC Sydney, please  keep them in prayer.

Monday 18th April see the start of another venture of faith, we are putting on a National Youth conference called IGNITE 2016, co-laboring alongside a team from Calvary Chapel Vista  & Refuge, Huntington beach. We have no idea who will come  so please pray with us that God would bring whomever He wishes and they they would grow strong in the faith and deeper in Him. Please pray for Pastor Jake Wilmoth has he leads the conference and speaks alongside Pastor Jason Vanderburgh (Refuge), Pastor Aaron Salvato (CC Vista) & Pastor Rob Nash (CC Vista).


Moturiki Island, Fiji : Compassion vs Logic.


Moturiki Island, Fiji

Moturiki Island, Fiji

Jordy, Jake & Myself recently took a very quick trip to Fiji, to look at how CCBI can be involved in the rebuilding  work after the devastation Cyclone Winston. Still encountering very high flood water, it took us 24 hours to get just 5 miles from the airport in Nadi. After about 24 hours we were finally able to cross the island of Vita Levu, to the capital of Fiji , Suva and then to Nausori and in a 33 foot skiff take the journey across to Moturiki Island. There are 10 villages  on Moturiki, we visited only one, the home village of one of our students from a few years ago,Pastor Charles Mareu. Before Cyclone Winston there were 40 houses, now there are only 20 houses, but still some 40-50 families cramming in to the available space. We helped construct and provide for the building of a small one room house for  a single mum and her three kids. The cost of materials and transport to the  island being not more than $700 NZD about $500 USD.
It was probably one of the most moving experiences of our lives.  As a logical planner i can think of better ways to do this, construction guys tell me  of better ways, and I am all for that but there is also he compassion  in the moment what can we do now !!!.  These are complex and difficult issues, right now compassion says act and we will work in the long term on better ways, we will plan towards a larger CCBI outreach in October during out next semester but  there is also a need now !!! SO…

A new place to live !!!

A new place to live !!!

So we are going back… May 1st – 7th we are taking a small  team of about 6 – people from CCBI with a view to go and finance, provide for &  build 3- 4 houses. So if you want to get involved there is huge need for expertise and resources, let us know, it costs about $500- $700 usd to provide a small house.


Prayer & Praise

  • Please pray that God will guide both Jordy and Becky as they step out in faith, seeking the Lord and looking to Him to guide and provide.
  • Please pray for Pastor Jake Wilmoth has he leads the conference and speaks alongside Pastor Jason Vanderburgh (Refuge), Pastor Aaron Salvato (CC Vista) & Pastor Rob Nash (CC Vista).
  • Please pray for the Ignite 2016 Conference starting 18th April 2016.
  • Pray for the  people of Moturiki. Resources & wisdom in the rebuild.
  • The return CCBI trip to Moturiki in May to build 3- 4 more houses, May 2nd – 7th.


The small boat, big water and Moturiki in the distance.

The small boat, big water and Moturiki in the distance.


Fijian sevens never stops !!!

Fijian sevens never stops !!!


Devastation by water


flood waters in Nadi

Flood waters in Nadi

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Walsh News & Prayer Feb 2016 – A New semester Begins

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Walsh News & Prayer Feb 2016 – A New semester Begins.



CCBI Logo_ver2_Rev



It has been a while…

Despite all the resolutions, of which there are many, he always seems to hard to put into words the things that God has been doing in the activity of our lives both personally and in the Ministry. So here’s a quick update on the Walshes.

We are beginning a brand-new semester with just over 30 students attending CCBI we have eight different nations represented on site and are really excited as we look forward to the next three months. In early March (4th-13th), we will be taking outreach teams to Perth in Australia, to Christchurch in New Zealand and to Auckland, New Zealand. In April, we will be hosting our first ever national youth conference for Calvary Chapel in New Zealand called “Ignite 2016”. This is a real venture of faith, it has been on the heart of the team here and especially Pastor Jake Wilmoth to reach out to the youth in New Zealand. As a complete step of faith, we will be partnering with Refuge, Huntington Beach & Calvary Chapel of Vista to put on our first ever youth conference, please keep us in prayer.

This semester Mark will be teaching 1 & 2 Samuel at Bible College, whilst co-teaching the book of Hebrews at Shoreline church. In February, Mark will be travelling to Canada in order to teach a men’s conference for Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel, in Calgary. Later in the year Mark will also be teaching at the Foundation’s Conference in Hungary in June, followed by the Scandinavian Conference in Sweden during the month of July. He will also be graduating, finally, with a degree in theology from the Hungarian Campus. Mark and Gwyn will also be travelling to Perth in Australia in March to encourage the saints at Calvary Chapel Perth in Western Australia.

Perhaps the true story of the last few months, is more about personal events in our lives than the ministry. In early December, Gwyn’s family joined us for Christmas vacation along with her mother, who will be reaching the milestone of 90 years old in a months time. During this time, Gwyn’s mother became quite sick and came very close to emergency surgery. Fortunately, this was not necessary and praise the Lord for this. Yet since December Gwyn has been caring for her mum here with us at home. Now cleared to fly, Gwyn is currently flying back to the UK with her mum in order to  care for her for the next month before returning to New Zealand. This has been an extraordinarily demanding time and one of the reasons why newsletters really haven’t been written .We would really value & appreciate your prayers at this time, especially for Gwyn’s mums recovery and also for strength for Gwyn and the family as they care for their mother.
During the next month, I will be holding down the fort here at home and some of the great team from the Bible school will be stepping into the large and significant gaps left by Gwyn she spends the next month in the UK.

Jordan has finally completed his degree and will be returning home in the next few weeks, his initial plan is to serve alongside Bible school and during June and July serve and Minister at “The Edge programme” in California. Please pray this is a fruitful time, in which he is encouraged in ministry and vision, his heart is in ministry and  youth, please pray for God’s wisdom direction and clarity as he seeks to pursue this calling. Becky completed her first year of university at the end of 2015, her heart is also in ministry and she has a strong sense of God calling her, bearing this in mind, she has taken the decision to leave university and enrol in the school  of missions in Hungary, Becky will be flying out in June to Hungary to serve during the summer and then attend the one-year school School of Missions in Vajta.

 Prayer requests:

  • Please pray for Gwyn as she cares for her mother in the UK over the next month, please pray for strength, wisdom and the grace along with a speedy recovery for Gwyn’s mum.
  • For wisdom, provision and guidance Jordan as he looks for the next step, his heart is the ministry and especially youth ministry, please pray that God would make it very clear the next steps that he should take in faith.
  • Please pray for  Becky, for provision for the school  of missions and also for wisdom about her next steps in the faith.
  • Please pray for anointing and empowering as we seek to minister to the new student body here at CCBI, for the upcoming outreaches in Australia and New Zealand and especially the Ignite youth conference planned in April.
  • Please pray for Mark, for grace and strength, wisdom and anointing as he teaches at conferences in Canada (February 19-29), Hungary (June) & Sweden (July).

Sorry this has been short and very compact, a New Year’s resolution is to try and do a better job of keeping you all informed, we really do value your prayers, its just that sometimes we just get overwhelmed  and it has been one of those seasons recently .We deeply value your prayers, your care and your love in all the ways it is expressed.

God Bless

M & G

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Walsh News May 2015 : The Lost Semester.

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Walsh News May 2015: The Lost Semester.


CCBI Logo_ver2_Rev

It has been over six months since our last update, in this time the semester has come and gone. These are some of the highlights as we celebrated our 10th semester at CCBI.

It was a great semester; it was probably the best semester, with the best group of students in our time here in New Zealand. Check out the semester video prepared by the students on the CCBI app.

During the semester, we saw fruitful outreaches to Perth, Australia, Christchurch, New Zealand & a mobile team, evangelising across the North Island of New Zealand, in the cities of Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton & Rotorua. As well as teaching through, the book of Romans, Biblical Missions, the Minor Prophets, Song of Solomon, Ecclesiastes, Proverbs & First and Second Corinthians.

Over 30 people, students, staff and locals from the community, regularly attended our Thursday night Koinonea service. We spent a great time in worship and in study through the book of James, looking at real faith in action. The messages from Thursday night are available under the media tab on the CCBI app, for anyone who wants to listen and be encouraged.

We hosted Calvary Chapel’s ministry conference, the Equip Conference in April, feeding and ministering to just fewer than 100 people. We had a blessed time in the word under the Ministry of Pastor Rob & Aaron Salvato, Pastor Rich Chaffin, Pastor Mike Montgomery and Pastor Andrew Russell. It was a great time and very encouraging, the messages from the conference are available via the CCBI app and the CCBI webpage.

It has been a great semester ministry, with the majority of the students from this semester already signed up to return for the upcoming semester, which begins at the end of August 2015.


woof 5

Pastor Rob Salvato teaching at Equip.


So why the title ” The Lost Semester”?

As well as being a very fruitful and blessed time, this has been probably one of the most challenging times; we have ever had in ministry.

Over the last three years, we have been heavily involved in a Calvary Chapel church plant here in New Zealand. Mark has served as an elder in the church over the last three years, at the beginning of March this year, for a variety of reasons, our pastor resigned and left the church in the hands of the eldership.

This has been a demanding and stressful time in all our lives and especially in the life of the church. We suddenly found ourselves as elders, completely responsible for the care of this little church, in the midst of confusion, hurt and even recrimination. So much of our time since the beginning of the year has been given over to practically ministering and leading the church along with the other elders and their wives. We are grateful for the faithfulness of the Lord in caring for his church and the privilege and the opportunity to be involved in looking after the flock. We were greatly value your prayers as we continue to minister at Shoreline church on a weekly basis and as we look for God’s direction, as we care for the flock and look forward to what the Lord will do in this lovely little fellowship.


Family news.

In the last six months we have seen some very significant milestones achieved in our family life.

Becky has now moved to Wellington, New Zealand and is studying her first year of her degree at Victoria University in Wellington.

At the same time, Jordan has graduated from Auckland University, with a degree in biomedical sciences. He still strongly desires to study medicine and is currently pursuing the opportunity to study medicine in Australia. We would really value your prayers for wisdom and God’s provision as he applies to several Australian universities, to study medicine commencing at the beginning of 2016.


We have lived in New Zealand for nearly 6 years and are currently pursuing New Zealand citizenship, this is a significant milestone and if granted will give us freedom to reside and work not only in New Zealand but also in Australia under the current Trans-Tasman agreement. This will open up some significant opportunities in ministry and the freedom to follow those opportunities.


Gwyn and I will be travelling to California in June and July to renew friendships and fellowship before returning to New Zealand. Mark will be attending the Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors conference in July, before returning to New Zealand for a few weeks before he travels onto Finland, to minister in worship at the Calvary Chapel Scandinavia Conference in Stockholm in late July and early August.

We would really appreciate your prayers for rest and refreshment after this challenging season that the Lord would minister to us; renew vision and vigour, strength and purpose.

Jordan Walsh Bsc

Jordan Walsh Bsc

Prayer & praise:

  • Thank the Lord for his faithfulness and provision for the Ministry during the last semester, from the openness of the student’s hearts and their growth in their relationship with him.
  • Praise the Lord for the equip conference and the great ministry that took place in the lives of those who attended from Calvary Chapel ministries across New Zealand and Australia.
  • Please pray for our time in Southern California as we seek to be encouraged and refreshed before we return to the upcoming semester.
  • Please pray for Mark’s trip to Finland, the Lord would anoint and clearly guide the Ministry, providing God ordained conversations and appointments, for the necessary provision for the trip.
  • Please pray for wisdom and God’s provision as we seek to find a property that can be a permanent home for the Bible school and conference ministry.
  • Please pray for the upcoming semester, the Lord would bring an increasing number of students and supplement the CCBI staff in order to minister to them.
  • Please pray for the next Equip conference, which will take place in early November 2015, Pastor Drew McIntyre, Pastor Ben Grisez will be ministering the word, along with Pam Markey, who will be teaching a series of special messages for the ladies in attendance.
  • Please pray for us as we plan a national youth conference as part of the equip conference ministry, in which we will seek to minister to the youth from Calvary Chapel ministries and other ministries across New Zealand. We are tentatively planning the conference for April 2016, we would appreciate your prayers as we seek to minister to the youth in New Zealand. For further information and if you are interested in getting involved with the conference, please contact us at


Once again, we would be unable to function in this ministry without your love, care, support and provision from the Lord. We recognise that often we don’t write as regularly as we should, but ask you not to hold this against us.

We are deeply grateful for your faithfulness and on-going involvement in this ministry and we just simply desire that Lord would be glorified and have an inheritance in this region of the south Pacific Rim & and we simply want to do more. We are very grateful to your partnership.

M & G.



Graduation tree Mission Bay, Auckland.











woof 2

Mount Doom ( Mt Ngarauhoe, Tongariro National Park)











Warriors vs Penrith NRL










woof 4

“Mans chief end is to Glorify God and enjoy Him Forever” Westminster shorter catechism














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Outreach Praise & Updates – Walsh Family News & Prayer

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Outreach Praise,  Prayer & News – October 2014.

Just a quick post outreach update, some prayer points for upcoming events and news.

CCBI Logo_ver2_RevPraise Report

We have recently sent teams on outreach to Melbourne Australia, Wellington,New Zealand and Rotorua Lakes Kids Camp in Rotorua New Zealand.

  • Praise God for the glorious work of Salvation, we saw about 12 kids come to Christ at the Rotorua Lakes kids camp, and many more heard the gospel during the week of ministry here in Rotorua.
  • Praise God for a blessed time with CC Melbourne sharing with at their Youth camp as we taught through the book of Phillipians, we were also able to take the sunday service both morning and evening to bless the church and give Pastor Andrew a well needed break. It was great to share with the CC Melbourne worship team and encourage them to continue on leading people into the presence of God.
  • The Outreach team to CC Wellington had the privilege of co labouring along side the church with a vacation Bible  school reaching out in to the Lower Hutt Community.
  • We recently had the privilege of sharing a brunch and a devotion with the  Good News Caravanners from the Bay of Plenty  here in New Zealand. These precious saints who gather together faithfully to minster to one another, we had  teh privilege  of seeking to encourage them as they have encourages so many over the years.


CCBI Brunch with Good News Caravanners

CCBI Brunch with Good News Caravanners



Prayer & News

  • Sam Stockill and I will be travelling to Sydney for a weekend of ministry with CC Sydney on 16th-20th October, we will be leading worship and sharing on friday night, saturday night with the men at a men’s BBQ and then sharing Sunday morning with the whole church at their Sunday service.
    • Please pray for traveling mercies and a blessed time.
    • Please pray for anointing on the ministry and wisdom to know what to share and how to share  it.
    • Please pray that the time would be a great encouragement for Pastor Ben and the whole body  at CC Sydney
  • It’s only 1 month until the Equp conference here on Campus, Pastor Dave Shirley of CCBC & CC Costa Mesa, along with  Pastor Luis Solis CC Kearney, NJ & Pastor Fernando Ortiz of Mile High Calvary in Denver, will be ministering the word to us from November 3rd – November 7th.
    • Please pray that the Lord would undertake in all the details and practicalities, many aspects of the conference are outside out direct control.
    • Please pray for the out pouring of God’s Spirit  upon all who attend and that many would be able to attend from all around the country and even from across the ditch in Australia.
  • The LIGHT PARTY Outreach with Shoreline Church, Mount Manganui.
    • On 30th October we will be helping with the LIGHT PARTY AT MOUNT MANGANUI.
    • This is great alternative to halloween, we get to give kids a great opportunity to have fun, hear the gospel  and get copious amounts of sugar.
    • Please pray that many kids would come and that they would be enough helpers and resources to man the event, we will be taking the entire CCBI team other than those who are in Whangarei for the weekend.
    • Pray the many would be saved and drawn to light.
  • Weekend Outreach with Calvary Chapel Whangarei.
    • Friday 31st October – Sunday November 2nd, we will have a team on outreach for the weekend serving alongside CC Whangarei as they seek to reach their community.
      • Please pray for Jason and the team as they travel about 5 hours north to Whangarei, safe travelling mercies, anointing, opportunities to share the gospel as the hit the streets in Whangarei.
  • Please pray for the ongoing impact of Bible school upon the students hearts, they would be refreshed in the word, encouraged and drawn deeper into the things of the Lord.
  • Please pray for the on going Bible study outreach into the local community with our Thursday Night Koinonea series, studying through the book of Daniel.
    • If you want to hear some of the devotional studies,  you can listen to them via the new CCBI App – WHAT APP ? – Funny you should mention that 🙂
  • HOT OFF THE PRESS  – Technology arrives, we have just developed an official CCBI app, it will allow you to keep up with what is going on down here with CCBI as well as  even letting us received your prayer request so that we can pray for you. check it out in the Apple store.
Hot off the press CCBI App goes live!

Hot off the press CCBI App goes live!





Thanks for all the love, care and prayers


This year jordy will be 21 & Becky 18 Time flies!

This year jordy will be 21 & Becky 18 Time flies!

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Prayer & Praise September 2014

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Prayer & Praise September 2014

CCBI Logo_ver2_Rev





It’s been a relatively short period of time since our last update, but so many things seems to have happened. This is not uncommon with the start of a new semester we have seen many tremendous answers to prayer already, even though the semester is only a few weeks old. We also want to ask to your prayers for  upcoming outreaches. As next week, starting on Friday, 26th September, the whole of CCBI will be on outreach and we covet your prayers.

Praise reports.

  • Praise the Lord for provision of housing for Tom and Jen Cooper, who joined us here on staff at the beginning of the semester.
  • Praise the Lord for the provision of housing for Sam and Hannah stockill, who also joined us at the beginning of the semester.
  • Praise the Lord  for the provision of a car for Sam and Hannah to use, donated to us by someone who is not even a believer.
  • Praise the Lord for the generous provision for the Walsh family to obtain another vehicle and get back on the road.
  • Praise the Lord for additional accommodation provided by the Ranch, not only has the ranch provided us with additional accommodation on site for staff, but they have opened up a brand-new dining hall for us as we have outgrown our current dining location in the retreat centre.
  • Praise the Lord for providing speakers for the upcoming equip conference, this will be a national conference for Calvary Chapel and we are very grateful to have Pastor Dave Shirley (CCBC), Pastor Luis Solis (CC Kearney, NJ) and Pastor Fernando Ortiz (Mile High Calvary, Denver), who will be sharing the word with not only the student body but believers from all over New Zealand and hopefully the region.
  • Praise the Lord for the salvation of Marshall, one of our student teams without sharing the gospel on the streets of Rotorua  and were privileged to see a young man called Marshall gave his life to Christ. Please keep Marshall in prayer as he begins his new life in Christ.

 Prayer requests.

  • Please pray for our outreach teams from CCBI as they commence a 10 day outreach from Friday, 26 September. We will have one team serving alongside calvary chapel Wellington, providing a VBS during the school holidays. We will have one team serving here on site at Lakes Ranch, providing camp counsellors for the kids camp. Jason Colbeth, One of our team here, will be leading the Bible studies and teaching from the word each day during the week. Please keep him in prayer and teams as they serve in this ministry of sharing God’s word with the youth of New Zealand. Pastor Jake Wilmoth, will be leading a third team to Melbourne in Australia, they will be serving alongside Calvary Chapel Melbourne and serving at the youth camp for the church. Jake will be teaching from God’s word during the week along with Tom Cooper who will be leading worship for the youth camp. I will be visiting a new church plant in Adelaide Australia, before joining the team at Phillip Island, Melbourne. Please keep me in prayer as they seek to encourage and minister to the team in Adelaide and Melbourne.
  • Please pray the Lord would pour out His Spirit and use his words powerfully to shape the lives of those we encounter.
  • Pray for the Equip conference, which will be taking place 3rd-7th  November here at Lakes Ranch.  This has traditionally been our speakers week, but with this conference being adopted by a wider audience from Calvary Chapel in New Zealand, after discussion with the national leadership, we felt that this conference should become a national ministry conference, designed to encourage and exhort anyone who wants to grow in the word and in ministry. We have sent out invitations to over the 24 different locations across the Pacific rim. This is a real step of faith for us, both financially and logistically. We have a small but very dedicated team, but personally in ourselves, we do not have the resources for this. We are excited by this opportunity to trust the Lord and already many from around the region are expressing interest at coming and sitting under God’s word. Please pray with us the Lord would pour His spirit on this event as we seek to pioneer a national ministry  and missions conference for the Pacific region.  Please pray for the Pastors, who will be teaching at the conference,that the Lord would guide their hearts in His Word that we may grow strong in the things of Christ.
  •  Please pray for the team here as we adjust to growth in the ministry and some of the new logistical challenges in working with a new dining hall and accommodation.

Please stand with us in these things, both praising the Lord for what He has done and with great expectation of what He will yet do.  Psalm 2:8

M & G



EQUIP conference November 3rd - 7th 2014

EQUIP conference November 3rd – 7th 2014

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Prayer Requests August 2014

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Prayer Requests August 2014

CCBI Logo_ver2_Rev   Over the next few weeks, life will become very busy. During next week, alone we have two new families, who will be joining the Bible school staff. Sam and Hannah and their family, along with Tom and Jen and their family will be arriving by August 9th. We praise the Lord for provision of visas and look forward to them serving with as here in New Zealand. Some of the team are currently on furlough and will arrive back as late as 20th August. One week later, Bible school students from all over the world will start arriving. CCBI will start its new semester on 1 September and we value your prayers. Please join us in prayer for the following items:

  • That the Lord would anoint and bless the upcoming semester.
  • Travelling mercies for staff and students as they make their way to the end of the earth.
  • The “Equip conference” November 3rd- 7th, this semester marks a significant movement forward from the Bible school, our usual semester speakers week, is now becoming a National Calvary Chapel Ministry conference, here at Lakes Ranch, which the CCBI will continue to host. Please pray for the speakers that they would bring the Lord’s word powerfully. Please pray for Pastor Dave Shirley of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and Pastor Luis Solis of Calvary Chapel Kearney, NJ and Pastor Mike Montgomery of Calvary Chapel Whangarei, NZ as they minister the body during the Equip conference.
  • For Haley, that the Lord would speed her visa paperwork and provide for her financially,  to serve with us here at CCBI.
  • Please pray for Tom, Sam and their families, as they make the transition to New Zealand, their heart is to serve here with us at CCBI and then seek to plant a church here in New Zealand. Please pray for travelling mercies, transition, accommodation, and the provision of a vehicle as they seek to serve Him here at the end of the earth.
  • Please pray for wisdom, guidance and the Lord’s provision, as we seek His will regrading a future home for CCBI, please pray for us as we engage in further discussions with Lakes Ranch as to how we can use more of the facility here in Rotorua.
  • Please pray for outreach week, September 26th-October 5th, this semester we will be taking teams to Calvary Chapel Melbourne in Australia, Calvary Chapel in Wellington, New Zealand for a vacation Bible School, Lakes Ranch Kids Camp & Calvary Chapel Whangarei, NZ. 
  • Please pray for the provision of another vehicle for family, current vehicle has been off the road for about six months, with a damaged transmission. We have been very grateful for the use of a Bible School the vehicle during this time, however with increased student numbers, we really do need to resolve the problem with our vehicle. In the five years we have been in New Zealand, we have put over 200,000 km on the poor thing, or involved in ministry.
  • Please pray for the Lord’s provision, we really need to find a second-hand transition to put in the vehicle, or alternatively funds to replace the current vehicle. In reality, replacing the vehicle equates to about $7000- $10,000, in terms of cost. Please pray for wisdom, guidance to make good decisions with the resources we have.

Thank you for your co-labouring in this ministry, without your love, care, and prayers, we simply would not be here, we thank you once again feel faithfulness to the Lord in supporting this ministry.

God Bless

M & G

EQUIP conference November 3rd - 7th 2014

EQUIP conference November 3rd – 7th 2014

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Walsh Prayer and Praise update May 2014

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News Prayer & Praise for May 2014

CCBI Logo_ver2_Rev

News from the Walsh Family

Well it’s been a long time since we updated our blog, and for that we apologise. Sometimes the pace of ministry and the extent of the need just seems to be all-consuming. I know it seems an excuse but it is also a reality for us too. A few highlights from the last six months: A great family Christmas, gatecrashed by a bunch of students who lived with us during the break. Great missions conference in California, snow in New Jersey and wedding in the sun one day later in California.


Josh & Andrea’s wedding

It is now a full  year since back surgery, I am very pleased to report that the back is holding up very well, (I have flown over 100,000 km for ministry since August 1), I’m very grateful for the success of the surgery which to a great extent has given me my life back. Thank you for your prayers and concern during what was a very difficult period for me personally and for us as a family. Please continue to pray for good health across the family as we continue to have quite a strenuous schedule. Speaking strenuous schedule, much against my better judgement and without any consideration for my aged frame, I joined 15 of our students walking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing during the semester. This is a 20 km trek across several live volcanoes, walking alongside the volcanoes Tongariro, Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe, more commonly popularised as “Mount Doom” in the Lord of the Rings. It was a long day, but a good day in which the students got to experience the great beauty of this land in which we serve. They say wisdom comes with age, clearly in my case I am an exception to the rule.


Mount Doom : Ngauruhoe Volcanoe

The family is well, this year Jordan, who is completing his degree at Auckland University, will turn 21 years old, in the same year Becky will turn 18 years old and is making plans to study nursing at Massey University in Wellington, with a view to gaining a practical skill which you can use the mission field. Gwyn is well and continues to be mother to the world, which we all enjoy deeply. In July, I will be travelling to the Senior Pastors conference in California. Please pray this is a fruitful time and that I will hear the Lord’s voice. Upon my return, ( within a few hours of arrival) Gwyn will then fly to the UK to visit family and friends, please pray for travelling mercies and that the Lord would bless with rest, refreshment and the renewal of friendship with friends and family.


Comforting signs on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing

In terms of the Ministry, we  continue thank the Lord for your love care and support as we minster together truly, it would be impossible to serve in this ministry in this beautiful land without your prayers and the support you provide in so many ways. We have just completed another semester, and it has been a great semester. The first time we met our 15 students from this semester, I must confess wondering how things would work, but God is good, He’s gracious and His mercy endures forever. It is proving to be one of the most blessed and rich semesters that we have ever had. It’s been great to see growth in so many ways as the Lord has touched the student body. We have continued to serve alongside the ministries of Calvary Chapel Hamilton and Shoreline church in Tauranga. Each Sunday is a long day of service with teams travelling into different directions and covering over 350 km, we serving children’s ministry, in worship, in setup and teardown. a. Though long days, they are fruitful days that we get to uphold the arms of the local body and encourage them. This semester we had outreach teams serving in Perth, Australia, Nelson, New Zealand and in Auckland. A great deal of the Ministry was based around serving the local church and encouraging them as they serve the Lord in their own community. One great piece of news is that one of the pastors on staff with us here at CCBI, Pastor Michael Montgomery, will be moving to Northland in New Zealand to Pastor Calvary Chapel Whangarei, this is an exciting and encouraging move as we are glad to see Mike step out in faith to go and strengthen the church in New Zealand. This leaves us with a significant gap in our pastoral staff and we look to the Lord to bring others along to step into that gap.

CCBI semester September 2014.

We are already underway making preparations for the upcoming semester which will start at the end of August 2014. We currently have in the region of 25 students who will be joining us from all over the world to study, serve, work for the Lord and grow as disciples. Please keep us in prayer as we prepare for the semester, in preparation the eldership the leadership team of the Bible College is having a prayer retreat from Friday, 27 June until Saturday, 28 June, please pray that we would hear the Lord’s voice. I will be teaching “IBS and ministering the word”, a class designed to help people study of the Bible and teaching. I will also be teaching a class a “1 Samuel & 2 Samuel”, looking at the life of Samuel Saul and David, there are some great lessons for us to learn. Gwyn will be teaching a lady’s class, in which they will be studying through the book of Philippians. Please pray for the provision of additional accommodation, in which to house the growing number of students and staff.

Prayer and Praise

We thank the Lord and covet your prayers for the following items:

  • Please pray for the resources to fix our car, we currently have an old Honda Odyssey, the transmission has broken and needs to be replaced, and ultimately we will need to replace the vehicle. Please pray that we will be able to find a transmission and fix the car. This is especially important to us so much of our ministry in New Zealand requires us to travel and ultimately we need something that is reliable. Just to give you an idea we have driven over 160,000 km in the last four years :-). We are still going but unfortunately the car is not 🙂
  • Praise the Lord for calling Pastor Mike Montgomery to go and serve with Calvary Chapel Whangarei, praise the Lord for his provision of Visa for them, please pray with us and the Lord to meet their needs to encourage them and to bless them as they step out in this venture of faith.
  • Praise the Lord for providing a two-year visa for Sam Stockill, so that he may serve here at CCBI before stepping out to plant a church in New Zealand. Please pray that the Lord would provide for them, direct them, and help them with all the practicalities in moving a family of five from England to New Zealand in the next few months. Please pray that the Lord would direct Sam as he seeks towards will in where to plant a church.
  • Please pray for the upcoming semester, at this stage we will have something like 25 students from all over the world. Please pray the Lord would bring who he desires and that you would do a great work in all our lives.
  • please pray for Jordan as he completes his degree in biomedical sciences and really applies into postgraduate medicine. Please pray the Lord would direct and provide for him.
  • Please pray for Becky as she completes her final year of high school and seeks the Lord’s direction whilst applying for nursing with a view to missions work with children.

Thank you can once again for your support, love and care, is a joy to serve as co-labourers with you, seeking an inheritance Messiah in the South Pacific Rim.



40 loaves of bread for the food & sausage sizzle Outreach  in  Hamilton

40 loaves of bread for the food & sausage sizzle Outreach in Hamilton


enough said

enough said


Traditional Maori carving Lake Taupo

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Walsh Prayer and Praise October 2013

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News , Prayer and Praise October 2013

CCBI Logo_ver2_Rev






This is busy season, Jordan at university facing exams, Becky working at Starbucks whilst at school and facing exams, Mark and Gwyn ministering in the school then either at CC Hamilton or Shoreline Tauranga each sunday , leading worship or teaching. Yet despite  being stretched , it seems to be a very fruitful time in our lives and in the ministry. We value your prayers and God’s gracious provision through your love and care. Mark underwent surgery for a herniated disc in his back in May and the operation was successful, this has released him back into his normally active and crazy schedule, in mid november he will travel north to Hungary and the UK to teach at the CCBCE speakers week in Vajta, Hungary and to teach at our sending Church, Church On The way in Bradford, England. Please pray as this will be a busy trip in the midst of a busy semester. Mark recently taught at the Asian missions conference in Hong Kong , serving alongside Pastor Phil Twente, this was blessed time.

Jordan and Becky are both facing end of  year exams, our school year ends here in December and begins again in February  2014. Jordan will be entering his last year at Auckland University and once he completes his final year he will be looking to re apply for entrance into medicine. Please pray for him as he faces, much work, many decision and expense in pursuing his dream to become a doctor.  Becky will enter her final year at high school before looking to start University, growing as a young lady in God , she has told us of her desire to serve as a missionary in Afghanistan, what a wonderful & exciting desire. Please pray as we help her grow in the Lord and seek His direction.

Gwyn, as ever is rock and still believes that she does very little, we are all grateful for he faithfulness and determination to love us and spend herself  in the Lord’s service. She faithfully serves each month with the ladies fellowship at CC Hamilton. Gwyn is currently teaching and leading a ladies study and discipleship class through the book James here on a tuesday at CCBI. Please pray that the Lord would truly minster into the lives of the girls here at CCBI.

There is so much more we could say of God’s faithfulness  and blessings that we have experiences since we last wrote but please join with us in  prayer and praise for His goodness to us.

M & G




Once again we than you for your continuing prayers and faithfulness please join with us in thanking  the Lord for all that He has done:

  • For our largest semester ever, we have 20 students and interns this semester, currently studying a serving with us here at CCBI.
  • For the growth in our Thursday night, Koinonia here at the ranch, with over 40 people attending each week as we study verse by verse through the book of Ephesians.
  • For tremendous blessing on outreach as we served at the Calvary Chapel Pacific Rim conference in Sydney, and with Calvary Chapel Wellington and Shoreline Tauranga, New Zealand.
  • For a blessed and anointed time at the Asian Mission conference in Hong Kong.
  • For  the healing of Mark’s back following successful back surgery in May 2013.


Lake Waikaramoana

Lake Waikaramoana


Please entreat the Lord with us for :

  • Anointing upon His word as we move midway through the semester, our speakers week will take place November 4th – 9th, with Pastor Ben Grisez and Pastor Drew McIntyre, please pray that the Lord would bless and touch hearts.
  • Mark as he travels to Hungary to teach the speakers week at CCBCE  November 15th – 3oth and also teaches in the UK, please pray for wisdom and anointing.
  • The CC Wellington Church weekend our team will be leading in November, for Pastor Mike Montgomery who will be teaching the weekend and leading the team
  •  As family for Becky & Jordan as they both face end of year exams in November as the New Zealand school and University year draws to a close.
  • The Heroes and Halos light party at Shoreline church in Tauranga, the school will be ministering at on Halloween October 31st .
  • Planning and preparation for the next semester and direction for the school in terms of accommodation and the next steps before us as a leadership.
  • Financial provision for a trip back to the Uk & Hungary in 2014, as a family, this is something we have not be able to do side moving to the New Zealand almost 5 years ago, humanly it is financial impossibility but we trust God’s goodness and grace to lead us and provide for us, if this is something He desires  for us.
  • For several families looking to join us in 2014 with a view to church planting in New Zealand, for financial provision for them, visas accommodation anymore than anything God’s anointing and guidance.
  • For God to raise up labourers to work in the Pacific rim and then we might be able to send out labourers from the school, to serve Him in this part of the world.


Calvary  Budapest

Calvary Budapest


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